Zephyr HxM Heart Rate Sensors

Zephyr HxM Heart Rate Sensors

Named The #3 Best Health And Fitness Accessory

Techradar.com has named the Zephyr HxM heart rate monitor the #3 best Health and Fitness Accessory for Smartphones.

Comfort For All-Day Performance

Smart Fabric is conductive fabric that provides market-leading comfort and accuracy. It is woven onto a soft, elastic, adjustable (up to 40 inches) Machine Washable strap worn around the chest. It is covered by a 12-month limited warranty from defects and the strap itself is replaceable.

Your Phone, Your App…No Subscriptions!

Why should you be tied to a device that only lets you use one app and charges you a subscription fee for the privilege? With an open communication design, the HxM provides unparalleled flexibility with the phones and applications you use. Supported by dozens apps including: Endomondo, Strava, SportsTracker, Runtastic, and more!

Workout Smarter

Physiologists and fitness trainers recommend working out within certain heart rate zones to achieve goals such as weight loss or cardiovascular improvement. You no longer have to hold on to dirty handle bars on treadmills because the HxM continuously monitors you for faster feedback. With Zephyr, you can Measure Life…Anywhere!

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