Tacx Cycle Trainers: Enter the Threshold of Your Power

Compete with yourself, in the space of a few square metres. Experience the pleasure of training indoors on one of the Tacx cycle trainers. Those who want to keep in shape or start the spring season by cycling farther and faster will choose a trainer from Tacx. Click on the links at the top to view details of the Rollers, Cycle Trainers, Ergotrainers and Virtual Reality Trainers. We carry all the Tacx models at very competitive prices.

Interactive Trainers

Tacx Interactive trainers take you beyond the bounds of simulation to real experience. You will struggle against false flats, major gradients, lean into the curves and hurtle downhill without pedalling. You can compete against opponents, go on a discovery tour or do targeted training. The screen in front of you will show computer-animated images, training information or Real Life Videos of well-known stages. This way you will work indoors to improve your fitness outdoors.


Tacx cycletrainers are world-famous. Used for warm-up work before races and intensive workouts.


Not only does regular training on rollers improve your fitness and pedalling action, it does the same for your sense of balance.


Various accessories are available for all Tacx trainers. Be inspired.

All pricing in Canadian Dollars.