Lactate Pro Analyzer Supplies Lactate Pro Test Strips 1-4 boxes at $75.95 per box. 5-9 boxes at $71.95 per box. 10+ boxes at $67.95 per box. Current expir.. Product #: Lactate_Pro_Test_Strips based on 0 reviews Regular price: $75.95 $75.95

Lactate Pro Test Strips

Price: $75.95

5 or more $71.95
10 or more $67.95

25 Strips per box

Note: Lactate Pro Test Strips have a shelf life of 12 months from production date. Expiry Date for the current stock is June 30, 2019.

Notification: Lactate Pro test strips will have end of life as of the end of December 2018. The manufacturer, Arkray, Inc of Japan, will no longer manufacture the test strips beyond that date. The strips will be available at least till the end of 2018 and beyond that until our stock is depleted.

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