Moxy Monitor sensors and packages can be ordered directly from FaCT Canada below. We take orders from within Canada only. For US orders contact Moxy Monitors in the US.

Visit the Moxy website for details about the device and a wealth of training information, a developer's forum and much more. Detailed training guides available for download, etc.

Coming Soon: Moxy Dedicated display on some Garmin Monitors. Direct display of real live values of SmO2, Total THb and a real live graph of these values. The solution will work on any of the Garmin devices that support their new ConnectIQ system. This will include the 920XT and the VivoActive in the very near future, and the Fenix3, Epix, and maybe some of the Edge products later this year.

We will be offering the relevant Garmin Monitors bundled with the Moxy at substantial savings over purchasing separately. Stay tuned for more details or send an email if you have questions re the pricing.

All pricing in Canadian Dollars.