Pulse Oximeters

Pulse Oximeters

Our Finger Pulse Oximeters are high quality, Health Canada licensed oximeters suitable for both medical use and use by athletes, pilots or anyone travelling, working or training at high altitudes.

Because of their simplicity and speed, pulse oximeters are of critical importance in emergency medicine and are also very useful for patients with respiratory or cardiac problems, especially COPD, or for diagnosis of some sleep disorders such as apnea and hypopnea.

About Us, Our Oximeters Return Policy and Warranty

We are an all Canadian Company, a family business owned and operated by Canadians. Our business is partnered with a Physiotherapy clinic and we are located in Quesnel, BC. We have been in business 18 years and have offered Oximetry meters for the last 12 years. We have sold thousands of oximeters over those many years. All the meters we sell are licensed with Health Canada and we are an authorized dealer for medical instruments. Our Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License number is 842. We have passed two routine inspections from Health Canada since they began the inspection program for MDEL's.

Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied after receiving your meter please call or email right away. We will help you solve any problems you may encounter. Our customer service is second to none. If you are not completely satisfied with your meter you may return your meter up to 30 days after making your order for a full refund minus our cost for shipping. The meter will need to be in as new condition with all packaging and documentation included in as new condition. You will need to contact us for authorization of the return and you will need to return the meter at your own expense. If a meter is returned by "return to sender" you will be billed the return shipping cost because Canada Post bills that charge back to us.


We offer an exclusive 2 year hassle free unconditional replacement warranty for all our Oximetry products. The warranty is directly through us, not the manufacturer or some other third party. We have sold thousands of oximeters to satisfied customers but occasionally a meter will fail. In case of a problem just contact us by email or telephone with a description of the problem. It is usually simple to determine from the description if the problem can be rectified or if the meter needs to be replaced. In that case we will usually get a new replacement out to you the same day. No need to return the defective meter to us. We do not repair defective meters. Note that most of our competitors offer only a 1 year limited warranty and the defective meter needs to be returned at your expense! The only exceptions are the more costly handheld and wrist oximeters which will need to be returned to us so that we can make a claim with the manufacturer.

If you are considering purchasing from an online source check them out carefully. Do they clearly display who they are and where they are located? Are the meters they sell licensed with Health Canada? Do they hold a Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License? Check carefully their return policy and their warranty conditions.

There are some US online dealers displaying the Canadian flag image and showing their prices in Canadian dollars. Be careful to check their contact information to see their actual location. Most of the oximeters sold by these dealers are not Health Canada approved and making a warranty claim with these folks will be very difficult. When a medical instrument is not licensed by Health Canada you have no protection if a fault is found with the product by the manufacturer or distributor. You will not be notified and your product will not be part of any corrective action. You will have no idea that your meter is not working properly. Health Canada regulations specify that we keep a sales record and that we must immediately take corrective action if a fault is found with an instrument, which may include recall of the product. No such regulations apply to out of the country dealers selling unlicensed products into Canada.

We have sold thousands of meters not only to personal users but also to clinics, hospitals and paramedic services. The feedback has been excellent. Here is a comment we received:

I just wanted to let you know that the 4 pulse oximeters we purchased for our medical mission to Cuenca, Ecuador were excellent. They were easy to use, and durable. They were accurate even @ 8000'. We completed 39 total joint replacement surgeries. That's a lot of O2 sat readings...

- Mary Knight, OR Nurse

Please browse through our entire selection below ranging from simple fingertip oximeters, adult and pediatric, handheld professional grade oximeters with adult, pediatric and neonatal sensors, a wrist watch style oximeter designed for recording O2 levels during sleep, a Veterinary oximeter.

Free Canada wide shipping for all oximeter models.

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Torontek B400 Wristband Pulse Oximeter

Built-in rechargeable battery and can also connect to a computer to transfer data to your computer enabling further analysis.


Torontek E400 Oximeter with PC software

Flash memory. PC download, software included. Rechargeable battery. Carry case/pouch included.


Creative Medical PC-60N Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Optional Pediatric and Neonatal sensors. Programmable alarm.


Oximeter Carrying Pouch

Pouch for finger tip pulse oximeters. Colour varies depending on availability. (Orange, blue, black)


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