Juerg Feldmann

  • Turn u. Sport Lehrer Diploma I & II, University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Physiotherapy Diploma, University of Bern
  • Member of College of Physiotherapists of BC
  • Former member Swiss National Team - Speedskating
  • Former coach for the largest track and field club in Switzerland
  • Former coach of Markus Ryffel. (Silver medalist for 5000m at Los Angeles Olympics)
  • Former coach for Swiss Nordic Combined Ski Team
  • Trainer of Geoff Kabush and Ryder Hesjedal.
  • Masters Athlete: Mountain Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Running, Speed Skating, Triathlon
  • FaCT Canada head of Sport Science, Technical Support and Customer Training.

Herb Chlebek

  • BSc., MSc., Simon Fraser University
  • Former Computer Education Teacher
  • Developer of FaCT Test software
  • Masters Athlete: Mountain Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Backcountry Ski Touring, Telemark Skiing, Running, Triathlon
  • FaCT Canada President and Business Manager

The Background Story

by: Kathleen Booth

When Juerg Feldmann, Swiss trained Physiotherapist and university sport teacher arrived in Canada, he already had a long list of athletics and coaching experience behind him. A former member of the Swiss National Speedskating Team, Juerg had not only worked with elite athletes at St Moritz high altitude training centre and coached the largest track and field club in Switzerland, he had also coached the Swiss Nordic Combined Ski Team leading to the Calgary Olympics in 1988. Shortly after immigrating to Canada with his family, Juerg met Herb Chlebek at a triathlon practice for a group of enthusiasts in Quesnel, BC. A Masters Athlete in mountain biking, cross-country skiing, running and triathlon, Herb held Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees from Simon Fraser University, and taught computer studies. He shared his years of experience in endurance sports through coaching and fitness education at the school.

Since they were practically neighbours, it wasn’t long before they started running, biking and strength training together at nearby Ten Mile Lake Park. These regular sessions afforded lots of time to talk and to formulate ideas, including how to improve training methods to enhance performance outcomes. The result was the start up of FaCT Canada Consulting Ltd. with Herb as Business Manager and Juerg as head of Science, Technical Support and Customer Training.

In business now for ten years, FaCT (Feldmann and Chlebek Training) began mainly as a consulting business, providing workshops for endurance sports. When it became obvious that there was a market for endurance sports technology but a void in accessibility of product, FaCT moved into product sales with a Lactate Analyzer, the Accusport.

In 2000, FaCT obtained the North American distribution rights to the most widely used Portable Lactate Analyzer in the world, the Lactate Pro from Japan. Some 20,000+ are currently in use worldwide. Still the sole importer and distributor of the meter and test strips, FaCT has put over 3300 Lactate Pro meters into circulation in North America to date. The list of organizations that FaCT supplies with Lactate Pro meters and test strips reads like a Who’s Who of national athletics organizations. They include every major National Team in the U.S. and Canada such as USA Swimming, Swimming Canada, USA and Canadian ski and biathlon teams, national rowing, and canoe and kayak teams, as well as Olympic and National training centres, coaches and athletes. FaCT also supplies to scores of universities, hospital EMS systems and veterinary clinics. Prestigious universities such as University of California Davis and University of Calgary use the Lactate Pro for research in human performance. Sales continue briskly despite some new competing products now on the market, a certain testament to the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the Lactate Pro.

Juerg’s knowledge of endurance training and Herb’s expertise with computer technology led to the unique lactate/heart rate training system know as fact. Six years of practical research in the field proved the effectiveness of the test in determining accurate training intensities for endurance sports. A Lactate Balance Point (LBP) is established using lactate measuring and heart rate monitoring during a standardized test. The results are easily interpreted with custom software which produces a printout of a graphic and analysis of the test. Geoff Kabush and Ryder Hesjdal, Canadian elite cyclists and Olympians are coached by Juerg and train with the fact system. These athletes use a Lactate Pro making it possible to continually monitor and send feedback to their coach. The fact system has been used for biking, cross-country skiing, running and even with exercise equipment such as elliptical trainers. Juerg has had excellent results using the system to determine safe but effective levels of exercise intensity for rehabilitation of heart patients. FaCT offers testing for individuals, testing workshops for groups and certification courses in the system through FaCT Education (www.fact-education.com).

Over the years FaCT has branched out to offer other leading edge sport performance products, always searching for the latest and most effective technology. The company holds the distribution rights for Spirotiger respiratory endurance trainer from Switzerland for both Canada and the US. It’s also one of the largest Canadian retailers of heart rate monitors, offering both Polar and Timex products. FaCT carries an extensive stock of innovative sports technology products that retail through fact-canada.com and at the local retail outlet and physiotherapy rehabilitation centre in Quesnel, BC. Always, seeking new and more effective ways to monitor sport training, FaCT has obtained Canadian distribution rights for the Physioflow non-invasive hemodynamic monitor for measuring stroke volume and cardiac output and the Artinis Portamon near infrared system for monitoring oxygen saturation levels directly in the muscles. FaCT has sourced a line of Health Canada approved, very reasonably priced finger pulse Oximeters that have become very popular with the COPD population and others with breathing problems, as well athletes who like to monitor oxygen levels while training or at altitude.

Both Juerg and Herb continue to be active in endurance sports such as running, cross-country skiing and cycling. And, as FaCT has grown, they’ve continued to encourage and support athletes at all levels from recreational to elite world class to be the best that they can.

All pricing in Canadian Dollars.