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Polar heart rate monitors

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FaCT Canada
Leading Edge Sport and Medical Instrument Sales

FaCT Canada has been a retailer and distributor of leading edge sport performance technology and medical instruments for 12 years. Our products are high quality, from reputable manufacturers. In many cases we source our products directly from the manufacturer and sell directly to the end user in order to keep our prices as low as possible for the consumer. Our customers include major universities, national teams, hospitals, ambulance systems as well as coaches, athletes and individuals across Canada and USA.

Fact News

Polar M450 Cycling Computer on the way in limited quantities. Arriving at our door October 2. Reserve yours by ordering now.
Polar M450

Significant price reductions on Garmin 810 and Garmin 1000. Click here to open our Garmin page for details.

Garmin Forerunner 225

Garmin Forerunner 225: GPS Running Watch with Wrist-based Heart Rate is available for order.

Polar V650 Cycling Computer is in stock.
Order Now!

Polar V650

New Polar A300 is in stock in three colours.

Polar A300

All in stock Tacx Trainers and Accessories now on sale at 40% off. Browse through the pages to find the sale items.

Moxy Monitor
Order your Moxy Muscle Oxygen Saturation Monitor now online in Canada. Click Here.

Polar A300
Polar A300 Launching in February. Reserve yours by ordering now!

Polar heart rate monitors
Large selection of Polar heart rate monitors in stock. Great prices free shipping.

New Garmin Heart Rate Monitors and Cycling Computers now available. Click here to view the model line.

New Lower Pricing for the Moxy Monitor system.
Contact us for details.

New Veterinary Oximeter now in stock. Click here.
Creative Medical PC-66V

New Tacx Trainers such as the IRONMAN in stock. Call us for details on our unadvertised Christmas Specials.

BLOW OUT SALE on all in stock bundles of the RCX3 while they last. Unbelievable low prices!

New: Polar M400 is in stock.
$259 with H7,
$209 without H7.

Polar M400

Polar Blue V800 is in Stock.
Polar V800 Blue

Polar V800

Polar V800 is here in Blue or Black. We can ship either colour with or without the H7 Heart Rate transmitter.
$559 or $499.

NEW PRODUCT: Creative Medical PC-66B Handheld Pulse Oximeter now in stock.

Polar Loop
In stock the new Polar Loop Activity Tracker. On sale now with free shipping.

Garmin Authorized Fitness Reseller

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Garmin Authorized Fitness Reseller. Garmin Monitors now in stock.

FaCT Canada now selling the Zephyr HxM heart rate monitors for Smart Phones.

FaCT Canada signs agreement for the Exclusive Canadian Distribution of the Moxy muscle oxygen saturation monitor.

FaCT Canada renews the North American Exclusive Distribution of the SpiroTiger Respiratory Endurance Trainer.

Biolight Handheld finger pulse oximeter is now available for order. Great for Dentist offices.

The Lactate Pro Analyzer has been discontinued and is sold out world wide. Fact Canada is interested in purchasing back your used Lactate Pro meter. If you are no longer using your meter and it is in good working condition, contact Herb at 1-800-820-1891.

Tacx Galaxia Rollers now in stock. These are very unique rollers that move with the rider.

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New Health Canada Approved pulse oximeter wrist model now available.

Polar Equine heart monitors in stock. Order from our site.


Moxy HeaderA technology to keep your eye on...

Moxy MonitorMoxy Muscle Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Fortiori Design has developed the Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor system to measure the oxygen levels of muscles in athletes while they exercise. Its accurate, real time measurements are fundamental to athletic performance. Oxygen is the fuel that drives the muscles, and muscle oxygen levels are constantly changing with exercise intensity. Moxy provides the feedback on exercise intensity that athletes are looking for.

FaCT Canada is the exclusive distributor of the Moxy for Canada.

Monitor in real time via a wrist unit or monitor up to 8 athletes via PC software in the lab/studio setting. Download the CSV file for post workout analysis.

Click to go to the Moxy website for details about the device and a wealth of training information, a developer's forum and much more. Detailed training guides available for download, etc.

Click for our contact page if you wish to receive more information. If you are in the USA please go to the Moxy website to purchase a unit.

Click to open our online order page for the Moxy System.

Follow Moxy on Twitter.

Follow Moxy on Facebook.

Videos on Youtube.

Click to go to the Moxy website for more information...

Zephyr BioHarness

Zephyr Bioharness 3BioHarness 3 couples the pioneering Smart Fabric sensor technology of the comfortable and unobtrusive BioHarness garment with the power and ubiquity of Bluetooth®. BioHarness 3 enables the capture and transmission of comprehensive physiological data on the wearer via mobile and fixed data networks – enabling genuine remote monitoring of human performance and condition in the real world.

BioHarness 3 has applications in any field requiring high-level wireless and remote physiological monitoring, including research, training and tele-health situations. It offers a vital advantage to users in a diverse range of sectors, including academic and research, sports, defense, health and wellness

Go to our Bioharness information page...

Zephyr HxM Heart Rate Monitor

HxM Bluetooth and HxM Smart Heart Rate Monitor for Smart Phones.

Go to our HxM information page...

Lactate Pro Portable Lactate Analyzer

Lactate Pro LT-1710Lactate measurement is used by sport scientists, coaches and athletes to accurately determine Heart Rate training zones, recovery and much more.  Lactate is a metabolic product that can be measured by taking a drop of blood at a finger tip the same way diabetics monitor their blood sugar level.  The blood lactate level increases with exercise intensity and shows clearly the transition from aerobic to anaerobic activity.  Since the measurement is completely individual it gives a precise method for testing and monitoring training intensity and recovery.  Lactate measurement is far more precise than the outdated and inaccurate method of using percentages of maximum heart rate to set training zones.  Because heart rate is an individual response, heart rate training zones need to be determined by measurement of physiological variables not set by mathematical formulas. The Lactate Pro is the only portable lactate analyzer validated for medical use in the US (clinical trial carried out at the Harvard Children's Hospital in Boston).

We are the exclusive distributor of the Lactate Pro test strips for USA and Canada.

The Lactate Pro has been discontinued and is sold out world wide. Lactate Pro test strips are still available and can be purchased online from our site. Click the link below.

If you are an EMS provider looking for a suitable instrument please contact us and we will keep you updated of any developments in this area and of any used Lactate Pros that we may acquire.

Go to our Lactate Pro order page...

Cosmed Fitmate Pro

Cosmed Fitmate Pro

Cosmed Fitmate PRO is the smallest laboratory available in the world able to perform fitness assessment and functional evaluation on individuals willing to receive clear and comprehensive feedback concerning their wellness and physical fitness conditions. Highly accurate measurements of Metabolic Rate, VO2, VO2max.

Learn More About Cosmed Fitmate Pro..

SpiroTiger Respiratory Trainer

Respiratory Endurance Training improves vital capacity, performance and endurance capabilities in sports!

SpirotigerRespiratory muscles fatigue during sports activities. This leads to a decrease in performance. Studies by Prof. U. Boutellier, sports physiologist at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) and the University of Zurich, prove this in a most impressive manner.

The targeted endurance training of the respiratory muscles substantially increases physical endurance, resulting in a relevant increase of functional capacity. This is true both for top athletes as well as popular sports. The Spirotiger is used by Olympians Ryder Hesjedal and Geoff Kabush and many more.

Fact Canada is the exclusive distributor of the SpiroTiger for Canada and USA.

University of Arizona Study shows clearly that trained cyclists improved their time trial performance by 4.7% (2 min faster in a 45 min TT) after twenty 45 min respiratory training sessions.

Go to our SpiroTiger information page...

Piko-6 Spirometer

PiKo-6 goes one step further measuring FEV6 and FEV1/FEV6, bringing a new level of effectiveness to the monitoring of COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and lung transplant patients.

An easy and cost-effective solution to patient screening and monitoring, PiKo-6 acts as a reliable indicator of the need for full spirometry and provides continuous assessment of lung function.

Go to our Spirometer information page..

Finger Pulse Oximeters

Finger Pulse Oximeters. Oximeters licenced by Health Canada and the US FDA. Trusted by persons with breathing problems, pilots, mountain climbers, and everyday people worldwide!

Go to our Oximeter information pages...

Polar V800
Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Polar remains the leader in performance heart rate monitors. Today, Polar is the number one choice among consumers, coaches and personal trainers worldwide. Polar is committed to not only producing the best products, but also being the leading educator on the benefits of heart rate based exercise. We are an authorized Polar Canada Dealer with a wide variety of Polar monitors and accessories always in stock.

Polar V800 Black is here in limited quantities. Order yours now to avoid disappointment. We can ship the V800 with or without the H7 Heart Rate transmitter. $559 or $499.

Go to our Polar information page...

Garmin Heart Rate Monitors & Bike Computers

Garmin Edge 810Garmin is a leader in the industry of cycling computers, GPS running watches, and heart rate monitors with top quality products that make it easy for runners to keep track of distance and pace. When you choose a Garmin heart rate monitor, you're choosing to get sophisticated training assistance – without the added weight of bulky gear. FaCT Canada is an auhtorized Garmin Fitness Reseller.


Go to our Garmin information page...

Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System

barefoot science foot strengthening systemAfter years of research, Barefoot Science has developed revolutionary new technologies that are based on the principles of rehabilitative medicine to not only rehabilitate the structure, but actually prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

The Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System works right inside the shoes to safely stimulate and retrain the muscle-firing sequences necessary to align, stabilize, and lock the foot's interlocking bones, prior to heel strike.

  • Enhance Performance
  • Reduce Risk of Injury
  • Rehabilitate

Go to our Barefoot Science Page for further details and ordering..

Tacx Satori Cycle Trainer
Tacx Trainers

Compete with yourself, in the space of a few square metres. Experience the pleasure of training indoors on one of the Tacx trainers. Those who want to keep in shape will choose a roller, cycletrainer, ergotrainer or virtual reality trainer from Tacx.

Powercranks Independent Crank System
PowerCranks PowerCranks® guarantees any serious athlete improved performance if he/she depends upon leg speed and power in his/her sport.  PowerCranks® is the first (and only) device available that actually trains the major hip flexor muscles to become aerobic power machines.

Go to our PowerCranks information page...

PhysioFlow. Hemodynamics Redefined.
The new reference in Cardiac Output monitoring
  • Physiflow EnduroPhysioFlow is a range of non invasive hemodynamic monitors. They provide continuous, accurate, reproducible and sensitive measurements of cardiac output and other parameters. Their innovative and patented technology is based on the proprietary principles of signal morphology impedance cardiography (SM-ICGTM).
  • Only PhysioFlow is proven to work in demanding measurement conditions (highly instrumented ICU, maximal exercise, etc.) and difficult patients (obese, pulmonary oedema, emphysema etc.).
  • PhysioFlow is the only non invasive cardiac output monitor approved by US FDA based on proven non inferiority to the predicate device Thermodilution Swan-Ganz catheter AND superiority to standard ICG.
  • PhysioFlow is Health Canada Licenced and is in use in hospitals in Canada.
  • PhysioFlow is non-invasive, easy to use, reliable, cost effective and has unique features.

Go to our Physioflow information page...

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